What are the Odds

What are the Odds The odds or chances of winning are very small. Odds are always against the bettor. The “house” will always have the edge, and the more someone gambles, the more likely they will lose. Your Big Chance: Lotto 6/49:     1 in 14 million Super 7:     1 in 21 million So to win […]

Why do we Gamble

Why do we Gamble We gamble for excitement and enjoyment.  Some people gamble hoping they will win money so they can taste and touch the “big win” something that results in the financial means to make their dreams come true.  Some people gamble for entertainment, such as a night out with friends at the casino […]

Where do we Gamble

There are many different types of gambling and gambling facilities: Casinos Charity Casinos Race Tracks Bingo Halls Lottery and/or Tickets Outlets Hospital Lotteries Convenience Gambling First Nations Gambling [casinos on reservations or territories, radio bingo] Church and other fundraising games Off-Track betting Unsanctioned games such as cock fighting or dog races Pari-mutuel Wagering [harness racing] […]

How do we gamble?

Categories of Games Most popular gambling games can put into three categories. The categories are based on how random the outcome of the game is, and how much control the player has in choosing an outcome. Random and Independent (slots, lotteries, dice, roulette) Randomly generated, results independent of the next play There is no control over […]