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About US

The Gambling Commission is an independent organization with the sole purpose of regulating and discouraging dishonest on-line gaming organizations and daily business operations. Founded in 1999, The Gambling Commission was organized to assure gamblers of a closely monitored, safe on-line gaming environment. To be approved by The Gambling Commission, each casino must undergo and pass strict technological and policy testing. The Gambling Commission does not alter the submission or approval process for any on-line casino in order to ensure the same protection for all on-line gambling consumers, players and affiliates.

Each on-line gaming site approved by The Gambling Commission must stipulate strict adherence to The GamblingCommission.org standards which bind each approved casino to The Gambling Commission’s mission. Any player will have the right to lodge a complaint against any casino member with the promise of full investigation by The Gambling Commission’s Dispute Resolution Department. Loss of membership will result when any casino does not adhere to the Standards of Fairness.

Designed to guarantee fairness and integrity of the software, including rules and odds, random on-going audits will e conducted for each on-line gaming site. Remote testing for each member’s site is performed selectively several times a year without prior notification to each member site, ensuring that no game-altering modifications will take place once testing is complete.

The testing process is run by The GamblingCommission.org auditors and automated testing agents who will run thousands of games and record hundreds of results before extensive mathematical analysis is performed. The gaming commission will only offer their certification and seal of approval once the team of mathematicians carefully analyzes that the data recorded meets acceptable randomness of casino results.

Members must abide by the law and regulations set forth by The Gambling Commission, and within their business jurisdiction. Each gambling commission member issued a legal gaming license from a governing jurisdiction will be presumed to be operating under the authority of that license after providing evidence of same. GamblingCommission.org members will abide by limitations of any binding legislative or judicial determination, which bars or limits operations in other jurisdictions wherever technically enforceable.

Additionally, The GamblingCommission.org relies on player feedback, independent research, insider news and tips from which to form unbiased opinions. Based on Integrity, The Gambling Commission will relentlessly pursue a fair and save environment for Internet gamblers and casino affiliates . Educated gamblers need to trust an informed outside source and the mission of The Gambling Commission assures these players an honest visit to approved on-line gaming services.

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