Do you have gambling problem?

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Educational Informations:

  • Do You Know A Problem Gambler?
  • Someone Who: seems to gamble too much?
  •  gambles when on a winning streak?
  •  gambles when on a losing streak (called “chasing your losses”)?
  •  misses work or school because of gambling?
  • bets more than they mean to? uses money needed for food, or rent, or bills?
  • borrows money or sells things in order to gamble?
  •  lies, cheats, or “borrows” money not their own?
  •  commits crimes because of gambling?
  •  neglects family and friends in order to gamble?
  •  has lost loved ones because of gambling?
  •  is depressed because of their gambling?
  •  has considered or attempted suicide as a result of their gambling problem?


Gambling problems can affect ANYONE: men, women, children, teens, seniors, the classroom and the workplace.If you recognize a problem . . .Help is Available.


To find out, answer these questions with a simple yes or no. If you are not sure, the answer is probably ” yes”.

1. Do you use gambling as a way to relieve depression or to escape your problems?
2. When you are playing are you reluctant to stop, whether you are winning or losing?
3. Are you betting more than you mean to?
4. Have you neglected family, school, or work responsibilities because of gambling?
5. When you try to attempt to cut down or stop gambling, do you feel restless or irritable?
6. Has your gambling caused you to jeopardize or even lose important relationships?


If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above, you are probably in danger of becoming a problem gambler.

Be honest with yourself.

It takes courage to face the fact that you may be developing a gambling addiction.


For some people, gambling can become a problem. If it is not dealt with, the condition can progress until it destroys a person, both financially and personally. Your gambling will eventually devastate not only you, but also your friends and your family! Already, it is seriously affecting others in your life.


Only YOU know if you have a gambling problem.

If you do, you are not morally weak. You have an illness–one that can be treated, if you are willing to admit it and seek help. Gambling CAN be a matter of life or death.

If you do want to stop gambling, help is available.

There are self-help programs such as Gamblers-Anonymous. There are also other treatment programs that make it possible for you to stop, and remain stopped, from gambling and destroying your life.

You are not alone. Get help NOW for yourself, and for your family.