Approval Guidelines Qualifications

Gambling Commission members are measured against strict quality control guidelines. The Gambling Commission seal of approval will be granted only after certain qualifications are met.

Qualifications Summary

The 10 abiding factors of the Gambling Commission Standards which monitor randomness, fairness and ability and guarantee to pay winners are listed below.

  1. Consistent random mathematical testing of software pass rate.
  2. Posted rules of each casino member are accurately followed.
  3. Each free trial version of software must offer the same rules and odds of paid version.
  4. Payout odds and percentages must be true at all times.
  5. Game device simulations (cards or dice) must statistically react exactly like real world version of device.
  6. Wagers must be honored despite power failures or player interruptions.
  7. Ample cash reserves must be sustained in order to pay winners.
  8. Player disputes must be addressed quickly and accurately.
  9. Player transaction logs will be thoroughly maintained.
  10. Casino representatives must be available to discuss player account activity.

Software Audit

Game software audits are conducted for each casino and are designed to ensure fairness and integrity of software rules and odds. This remote testing is performed on a random basis throughout the year and during undisclosed time periods to discourage software alterations which affect player results.

Arbitration Agreement

A written agreement from each casino member allows sole decision making authority from The on matters of dispute and final dispute actions taken

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